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Wielding The Tools & Crafting With Care

The workshop is a sanctuary. It’s a place of infinite possibility. It’s a place of creation. Ideas can be

sparked anywhere at any time, but this is where those ideas are set in motion and where things get

done. The physical shop offers the opportunity to work in a diversity of arts and crafts. The two main

industrial arts being woodworking and metalworking, both of which have the same surface area

dedicated as a workspace. They are equally as important in my mind, whether it be structurally or for

adornment and they complement each other very well. Both sides share a bigger common work area

to accommodate larger projects. Behind the workshop is where the sawmill, wood kiln, and a large

gas fired ceramics kiln are situated. There’s plenty of space to work on even larger projects outside.

The machinery is industrial grade and big enough for any job. As far as production volume or project

capabilities are concerned it basically just comes down to putting in the hours. All of what we do is

custom and it’s crafted in Mont-Tremblant, Qc.